LGBTQAI+ Business Directory

Queerys is an LGBTQAI+ Business Directory committed to highlighting safe and inclusive spaces.

Metiu took charge of crafting the entire brand identity and website design.

The priority was to provide a secure and user-friendly experience, achieved through a well-structured website with distinct categories, verification features, and relevant tags assigned to different sections.


queerys website homepage preview

Queerys’ logo incorporates several meaningful elements. A magnifying glass, cleverly shaped like the letter Q, symbolizes the directory feature while representing the commitment to exploration.

The peace flag, a prominent part of the design, reflects dedication to promoting inclusivity and movement within LGBTQIA+ spaces.

The bold and retro-style logotype ‘queerys’ connects the brand with the early years of LGBTQI+ riots, adding a historical and authentic touch to our overall visual identity. This logo not only catches the eye but also conveys a deep sense of purpose and history.

Finally, the vibrant color palette not only captures attention but also seamlessly harmonizes with the brand’s overall identity.

queerys logo
queerys business card
queerys coasters
queerys stickers mockup
queerys window sticker mockup
queerys tote bag mockup
queerys digital mockup

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