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We are thrilled to be finally launching Metiu.

Metiu is a project born during a tough period, the one we are all living now… The coronavirus pandemic has changed and shaped people in so many different ways, forcing them to stay home; confined, isolated, stuck. It has been hard, but it has also brought to people’s attention some scenarios that they have never thought about before.


Personal living space is very important, especially when it comes to spending a lot of time indoors. During 2020 we have all realised how the design of our homes, our offices, our restaurants and our shops impact on our well-being.

During the first wave of Covid-19, DIY specialized shops like B&Q and many others, were closed by law as they were not considered as primary goods sellers; however, during the second lockdown the Government introduced such retailers into the list of primary goods, as everyone went crazy about DIY, interior decoration and home refurbishment.

Even though the first aim of Metiu is to decorate and refurbish spaces with your personal touch and style, we are not only about design, in order to refine our company mission and values we asked ourselves a number of questions.

Throughout our daily lives we are exposed to a range of different design methods and concepts, at work, and at play. However, do we use them in the right way? Can we help improve them? Could we offer something more than just ‘design’? Could we offer a tool that helps people to reach satisfaction in both personal and global, sustainability measures?

Whilst it is true that we provide design services for homes and retail spaces; we do it with a bigger picture in mind. What starts out as being your ‘little’ home project, or your one-off retail project, can be a part of a bigger scheme, and we want to help with that. Every little project, every little step, every new lesson learned, helps us to help you.

Here at Metiu we believe that everyone has a key role in society, regarding their personal and professional background, and it is for this reason that we are huge advocates for inclusivity, equality and diversity.


We want to send a message, and we want to do it by forming a creative hub of people that share our values. The service that we offer our clients, is a young and energetic team of creatives that aims to help people to shape and improve their lives through design.


Among our values there is one that we all share: environmental care and sustainability… We address this topic by offering up-cycling, re-cycling and long-lasting furniture sourcing services to our clients.


As a result of the research we have undertaken, we want to help eradicate the common belief that sustainability = expensive. On the contrary, we affirm that it is quite the opposite. Using our services in both home and retail projects can help lower costs, with sustainability always at the forefront of our thinking. Depending on your budget, we can work on different options, and always offer bespoke solutions.


Our final aim is to make design accessible to everyone and everywhere; demonstrating how to respect both personal spaces and nature.


Follow our journey and be part of it…

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