Building Brand Experiences


Business Strategy Consultancy

We offer brainstorm sessions to work together on your Business Plan, Communication Strategy, Tone of Voice, Brand Vision & Mission, ADV, Buyer Persona, Market Research and more.


Brand Identity Development

We can develop extensive brand identity books including Logotype, Logomark, Colour Palette, Brand Pattern, Typography, Stationery, Merchandising, Offline Presence, Online Presence and more creating an unique brand experience.


Market Research

The team of strategists will study your brand, your target audience, your USPs, your competitors, conduct a SWOT analysis and provide bespoke communication plans.



In-Depth Analysis

A good project needs a good analysis. We always conduct in-depth researches before starting off with creative processes and ideas.


Continuous Feedback

Good long-lasting relationships and continuos communication are vital as we always care and value our clients’ feedback.


Secured Delivery

Project proposals and detailed timelines help both the clients and Metiu to deliver the best outcome always on time and on point.

Let's work together, for your Brand.

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